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The Ankh Cross Necklace: Origin of The Ankh Cross, Its Adaptations and Popularity in Modern Culture

Ankh cross necklaces have been out there in different forms and styles for a while now. It might have taken some time for them to get into the limelight like they have today, but they have had a long-standing history which shows the resilience of this fashion trend.

So much is its appeal these days that even Rihanna was caught wearing a fancy one. How about we look at the origins of this symbol, what it means and what is so special about it?


Origin of the Ankh Cross

The Ankh is a sign that has been around since the invention of writing. In other words, it was one of the earliest features of the first hieroglyphic sightings in Egypt.

Across the areas and regions where it is used, it is always portrayed as a symbol that means life. Given the form and shape of the symbol, it has also been extensively interpreted by others to be the key of life.

By extension, the Ankh was also used to mean air or water in some instances. This can be best described in depictions where the deities are seen holding the sign to the nose of their pharaoh. Such depictions are interpreted as the deities giving a breath of life to the pharaoh. In the end, that ties in with the concept of life that we started with.

Throughout Egyptian mythology, this sign was always found in the hands of the deities. Either that, or it was given to them by the reigning pharaoh that time. Among all of the popular hieroglyphs, this one has sustained the test of time – making its way into western culture.

Of course, acceptance started from the African scene before it was adapted to the rest of the world in different ways.


The Ankh Cross Necklace

This symbol has already made it into different parts of human interactions (writings, religion and art, to mention but a few). Thus, it is only apt that it be adapted to fashion too. This adaptation, might we say, is one of the best things to happen to this sign.

The Ankh cross necklace is notorious for being beautiful, no matter the form in which it comes. Some of these necklaces are designed with a single cross, while others come with more details on it.


Wrap Up

Looking closely at all the Egyptian jewelry symbols, the Ankh cross can be said to be the most popular of them all when it comes to its usage in the modern world. Many objects are shaped like the sign, while others carry the insignia on them. With such a heavy history to back it, and a positive representation to boot, that is not too surprising. While they used to be reserved for royalty, today they have become surprisingly affordable. You can pick one up here today and add a piece of pharaoh jewelry to your wardrobe!

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