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Egyptian Rings

Ancient Egypt holds a significant importance in history. Or, in simple words, we can say that Egyptian history has always been very rich. Maybe it’s their religion, beliefs, traditions, lifestyles, culture or jewelry. Indeed, Egypt was the land of nobles and royalty. The culture they shared was very luxurious and full of colors and jewels. Egyptian jewelry has been a great contributor when it comes to the manufacturing of jewelry. At first, they started with using animal skin, teeth, seashells and bones but it was not far enough that they were advanced to work with various precious gemstones and metals such as gold. They created great jewelry designs from precious metals and worked them in by carving and detailing. 

Egyptian Rings For Men

The jewelry was not only meant to dress them up but it also it was used to protect them from the bad. The beliefs and rituals of ancient Egypt time played a vital role in the use of jewelry, especially the rings. The rings were carved and engraved for each man and woman. These rings were made uniquely for every individual. Different animals and signs were carved on to them which had unique meanings. The rings as well were not only used as a piece of jewel in their collection but also as a piece of the agreement. The rings were signed as a special piece of document. But the women did not own any of these signet rings like the men did. The ones who were wealthy enough had gemstones and valuable metals as their signet rings. But the poor or not so wealthy ones used simple rings as their signet rings. All this knowledge has been gathered from ages through archeologists or the Egyptians ancestors.

The Egyptian rings are not only ancient artifacts but a sign of nobility. They are still in style and very much loved by the people when it comes to fancy rings.  It is especially for the ones who love history and deeper into it. Other than that, according to the Egyptian lifestyle, there are some great designs for wedding rings that can be worn. 

Egyptian Wedding Rings

Throughout ancient times, Egyptian rings were used as seals for agreements. They signed and lightly pressed the seal of clay on earth. This was how their seal was recognized for legal documents. These rings were made out of carved metal or stones such as agate or diorite. The other important use of these rings was the emblematic function of a person’s marital status. This was how the wedding rings were brought into living. The husbands in the ancient Egyptian history placed their rings on his life partner's finger, this was to entrust and entitle them both to each other.

Egyptian Gold Ring

Different metals were symbolized for different meanings like gold was used to symbolize the high status of the wearer. Therefore, it was specifically for the nobles and royal families. Other gemstones included amethyst its symbolized royalty as well. Turquoise was the one that meant happiness and joy for all. Emerald was widely used for fertility and immortality, the reason why those bodies were preserved. On the other hand, Garnet meant extreme anger and fire. These were some gems that had interesting meanings. Other than these gems stones, beads of various hues of blue, green and red were in use. not only for jewelry but also for pottery and what not.

The Egyptians worked very hard to make their pieces of jewelry different and significant. They worked in workshops and it was considered to be a special talent people had. Different people worked on different parts to get a perfect outlook. The process was simple but needed very precise measurements. As gold was worn by the wealthy ones, copper was the metal that was worn by common people in their daily lives. It can be seen that the ancient Egyptian jewelry still has a great influence on modern jewelry designs.

The Ring of The Dead

This ring was symbolized by the beetle. The beetle also known as the Scarab was the symbol of good luck, and who would mind some good luck if he or she believed in life after death. This was depicted from the God “Jepri”, he was known as the god of the morning and for life after death. In ancient times, the one who was found wearing the ring with the beetle was considered wearing a vital tool.

Egyptian Style Rings

Back in the ancient times in Egypt, the rings were not just used as an emblem of class or wealth; instead, the rings were used by the people to customize the individuals. Such as for agreements, weddings, sharing etc. these rings were made beautifully with silver or gold. There were different and various symbols engraved on these rings, this was mainly because of the reason that the rings were used as amulets and also as symbols of wealth and power among all. The rings were mainly intended to provide protection to wearing them.

Animals as Symbols

Animals such as the cats, beetles, hawks, and snakes were considered as protection against the evil spirits and bad intentions of others because the symbols actually represented the most authoritative gods they used to worship. 


Some other types of rings used were of different geometric shapes, they also symbolized protection of the user. Some examples are:

  1. Wed jet: this was an eye shaped, which means keeping away the evil eye.
  2. Djed: this represented stability to the user
  3. Sa: it meant health.
  4. Ankle: the sign means long life to the user.
  5. Tyer: this gave good luck and prosperity.

Colors were dependent on the gemstone that was selected to wear by the user just like the shape and animals. The colors also had a lot of meanings to themselves. Such as

  • Green - it represented vegetation
  • Black -it meant fertility
  • Red - this color meant desert

Who Would Wear Those Pieces

Egyptian jewelry was worn by everyone it was adored by both men and women. Also, they used those astonishing pieces of metal and stones to decorate their statues of Gods. Their beliefs for afterlife were also very firm; they used to embellish the dead ones which meant preparing them for life after death. This was a fine and lavish way of ending life as well.

What Was Used

As time passed and the Egyptians evolved their sense of living, different metals were symbolized for different meanings. For example, gold was known for power and status. Therefore, it was specifically for the nobles and royal families. Other than gold, the material which was most commonly seems to have been colored glass. When it was first discovered it used to be very expenses. The archeologists have found remains of the deceased ones wearing pieces of jewelry which symbolized not only the culture of the person but also casts. These remains were very carefully and with great minds reserved in places people can’t find.

Fun Facts About Egyptian Rings

Ancient Egyptian jewelry since its time has been considered as one of the most beautiful pieces in the world.

Because the infant mortality rate is higher in that era, the infants were especially stacked up with protecting charms, to keep away the evil spirits.

On the battlefield, if one side lost the battle, they had to surrender all their jewelry in the battlefield.

Gold was significantly for the god in ancient Egyptian history.

Also, the scarab was said to hold very high powers and was considered a symbol of rebirth.

The mummies were preserved with jewels in their wrapping layers in order to provide protection to them.

The Egyptian rings are a powerful way of styling your look every now and then, it never goes out of style.  The classic style is a total statement idea, so if you are one of those who have a special preference for something bold, then Egyptian rings will be the perfect partner for your hands. So, do not forget to add a pinch of Egyptian style to your collection!